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Articles about Recruiting Strategy

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      Voices of Joy: happy candidates share their experiences

      "Larisa approached me with a personalized message in her first inquiry and also demonstrated the connection to the role she was offering. This piqued my curiosity.

      She always responded promptly and on equal footing to my feedback and questions. In the first call with her, it was immediately apparent that I was not just one of many; there was a specific reason she contacted me. She also knew the role very well and understood what might interest and motivate me in it.

      Throughout the rest of the interview process, she was always proactive, and I was always aware of the next step and what the process looked like. I was very pleased, and I am also very satisfied in my new position."

      Fabbi, CTO

      Where does our knowledge come from?

      Larisa Leonteva is a passionate entrepreneur, book author, blogger, speaker, and recruiter. 

      At the age of 23, she arrived in Germany from Uzbekistan with a scholarship to pursue her master's degree. After a decade of working in permanent positions, she embarked on her entrepreneurial journey, founding SinnRec. Leveraging her expertise in strategic and operational recruiting, as well as her leadership experience, she is on a mission to create meaningful recruiting solutions for every company.

      With her unique  DRIVE Methodology® , she has already assisted several companies across Germany and Switzerland in establishing data-driven and efficient recruiting processes. Additionally, she has successfully built high-performing recruiting teams and transformed junior and career-switching individuals into top-notch recruiters in record time. After all, recruiting plays a pivotal role in achieving organizational objectives by bringing talent and the right positions together.

      Beyond her devotion to recruiting, Larisa is passionate about diversity, leadership, fostering remote corporate cultures, and sharing knowledge as a speaker at various conferences and meetups.



      "Working with Larisa has always been a great enrichment for me, both professionally and personally. 
      Through her years of experience with 360° recruiting on both external and internal sides, she always had very interesting perspectives and impulses on how recruiting can be successful in a company. Developing or rethinking data-based recruiting strategies, conversation leadership, and establishing agile methods are just some of the fields where I was able to learn a lot from Larisa.

      As a lead, I particularly appreciated her open and transparent manner. It is definitely her concern to share her knowledge and to strengthen and promote people in their abilities.

      I am pleased that with SinnRec, she has managed to share exactly these experiences with other companies and make recruiting a bit better in the market."
      Sandra Schärli
      Teamlead Recruiting @coliquio


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