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Unlock the full potential of your company with data-driven Recruiting excellence

In the fast-paced world of digital comapnies, securing the right talent is not just an operational necessity—it's the cornerstone of sustainable growth and innovation.

The DRIVE Methodology® offers a revolutionary approach to recruiting, designed to align your talent acquisition process with your strategic goals and company culture, ensuring you not only attract but also retain the perfect match for your evolving needs.


Dive into the  five pillars  of DRIVE Methodology®

  1.  Define

    Begin with a deep dive into need discovery. Define the job profile, company culture, and both current and future job goals. Understand the hard and soft skills required and establish clear no-gos, setting a solid foundation for targeted recruiting.

  2.  Research

    Equip yourself with insights by identifying your target group's needs, collecting your company & job USPs, and creating detailed personas. With a clear roadmap, prepare job ads and interview cases that speak directly to your ideal candidates.

  3.  Inspire  

    Move beyond conventional recruiting by deploying candidate attraction strategies that resonate. Efficiently match candidates to criteria with active sourcing techniques, refine your feedback process, and manage rejections with grace, inspiring talent to choose you.

  4.  Validate  

    Guide your candidates through a seamless hiring process, managing expectations, addressing formalities, and ensuring a mutual fit. Seal the deal with an employment contract that marks the beginning of a fruitful collaboration.

  5.  Enroll

    Welcome new hires with a tailored, comprehensive onboarding process. Ensure their smooth transition and integration, setting them up for success and long-term engagement with continuous feedback for the first six months.

Why choose DRIVE Methodology®

✔️ Data-driven: At its core, DRIVE Methodology® is built on leveraging data to make informed decisions at every step of the recruiting process, ensuring that each hire is a strategic addition to your team.

✔️ Comprehensive: From initial need discovery to onboarding, DRIVE Methodology® covers every aspect of recruiting, offering a holistic approach that not just fills positions but enhances your organizational structure.

✔️ Customizable: Recognizing that no two startups are the same, DRIVE Methodology® is adaptable to your unique needs, culture, and growth trajectory, ensuring relevance and effectiveness.

✔️ Results-Oriented: With a track record of success, DRIVE Methodology® is not just about process improvement; it's about delivering results—reducing time-to-hire, enhancing team performance, and driving sustainable growth.


Transform your Recruiting today

The DRIVE Methodology® is more than a process; it's a strategic partner in your growth journey.

Empower your company with the skills, strategies, and insights to secure talent that fits perfectly with your unique needs and vibrant culture.

Begin your journey to recruiting excellence and sculpt your startup's future with precision, data-driven decision-making, and a deep understanding of what it takes to attract and retain top talent.


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Reframing the art of Recruiting: The DRIVE Methodology®


  Our satisfied clients say...

"Collaborating with Larisa and her team from SinnRec significantly differs from other recruiting companies. SinnRec takes a holistic approach, starting from employer branding, job design, selection process, onboarding, to a successful probationary period process. They work like an excellent internal recruiting department, always with a focus on building internal competencies. The result is not only outstanding candidates but, above all, an optimized company.

Many external recruiters are very pushy in their communication. They ask few questions, show little interest in the company, and only aim to quickly fill the positions to invoice.

SinnRec integrates itself into the company and engages with the people and the culture. They behave in all aspects like in-house recruiters. Therefore, they can provide applicants with necessary information and convince them. So, it's a real long-term match instead of just a quick placement."

Martin Drees, Co-Founder & Member of the Board @medflex

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