Recruiting-as-a-Service by SinnRec – a comprehensive solution designed to streamline your hiring process and propel your company towards success.

With our Recruiting Team service, we don't just assist you in finding talent; we become an integral part of your organization, immersing ourselves in your company's goals, products, and culture to ensure we recruit the ideal talents who will drive your company's growth and success.

Why Invest in our Recruiting-as-a-Service?

  • Strategic Talent Acquisition: With our Recruiting-as-a-Service, you gain access to a strategic approach to talent acquisition. We don't just fill positions; we strategically identify and attract top talent that aligns with your company's long-term objectives and cultural values. By leveraging our expertise in operational and strategic recruiting, coupled with extensive industry knowledge, we ensure that you're equipped with the right talent to drive your business forward effectively.

  • Cost & Time efficiency: Investing in our Recruiting-as-a-Service saves you both time and money. Our tailored approach to recruitment ensures that we understand your business goals and challenges, allowing us to craft a customized strategy that optimizes your hiring process. By streamlining recruitment efforts and reducing time-to-hire, you can focus your resources on other critical aspects of your business while we handle the talent acquisition process efficiently.

  • Proven Methodology: Our approach is built on a proven methodology that has delivered results for numerous companies. Developed over years of experience and refinement, our methodology consists of key pillars that address various aspects of the recruitment process, from sourcing and screening to onboarding. By leveraging our unique methodology, you benefit from a structured and effective approach that maximizes your chances of hiring the right talent and driving success for your business.

What to expect from our Recruiting-as-a-Service?

During our collaboration, we'll focus on driving positive outcomes:
  • Tailored Recruitment Strategy: With our Recruiting-as-a-Service, you can expect a personalized approach to addressing your company's recruitment challenges. We'll conduct a thorough analysis of your current recruitment processes and identify areas for improvement. From there, we'll work collaboratively to craft a tailored recruitment strategy that aligns with your company's objectives, culture, and long-term vision.

  • Holistic solutions: Our approach goes beyond mere problem-solving; we focus on providing holistic solutions that address the root causes of your recruitment challenges. Whether it's refining your employer brand, optimizing your candidate sourcing channels, or enhancing your interview and selection processes, we'll work with you to create pragmatic and actionable solutions that drive tangible results.

  • Long-Term Success: We're dedicated to presenting your company's strengths to candidates and strengthening your Employer Brand long-term. Our collaborative approach mirrors in-house recruiting teams, ensuring candidates are fully informed about job opportunities and company USPs. With our strategic implementation process, we guide you through each step, from crafting tailored recruitment plans to detailed implementation strategies. This streamlined approach accelerates your path to success.

  Our satisfied clients say...

"Collaborating with Larisa and her team from SinnRec significantly differs from other recruiting companies. SinnRec takes a holistic approach, starting from employer branding, job design, selection process, onboarding, to a successful probationary period process. They work like an excellent internal recruiting department, always with a focus on building internal competencies. The result is not only outstanding candidates but, above all, an optimized company.

Many external recruiters are very pushy in their communication. They ask few questions, show little interest in the company, and only aim to quickly fill the positions to invoice.

SinnRec integrates itself into the company and engages with the people and the culture. They behave in all aspects like in-house recruiters. Therefore, they can provide applicants with necessary information and convince them. So, it's a real long-term match instead of just a quick placement."

Martin Drees, Co-Founder & Member of the Board @medflex

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