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Drive your company to success with SinnRec!

Welcome to SinnRec, where we merge strategic and operational recruiting with entrepreneurial insight.

SinnRec, a German-based strategic recruitment company founded in 2021, has already empowered over 15 companies across Germany and Switzerland to build strategic recruiting structures with our unique DRIVE Methodology® .

Our expertise helps businesses efficiently hire top-matched talents, saving both time and money.

With SinnRec, elevate your hiring process to perfectly align with your company's vision, ensuring efficient and effective talent acquisition.


Do you want to achieve healthy growth in your company and reduce external recruiting costs? 

Here are 3 steps to drive recruitment success in your company:
Discover the huge opportunities you can have with a structured recruitment process in your company. Schedule a discovery call today to uncover your company's recruitment needs and propel it to success.

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Schedule your discovery call now and drive your company to success!  

2. Strategic Workshop

Discover new strategies and possibilities at our two-day strategic workshop. Join us for a transformative experience that will help drive your company to success.

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3. Recruiting-as-a-Service

Explore our Recruiting Team service, where we become an integral part of your organization. We immerse ourselves in your company's goals, products, and culture to ensure we recruit the ideal talents who will drive your company to success.

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Discover HOW will SinnRec drive your company to succes


With our unconventional recruiting philosophy and the self-developed SinnRec Matching Method, you can fill open positions much faster and data-driven.

Hiring the best

We support you during the critical scaling phase in building your in-house recruiting expertise and also assist you in filling your open positions based on culture.


With SinnRec, you invest in a comprehensive recruiting solution, rather than just filling your open positions. You will be spared from long-term dependencies on external service providers.

Talent Magnet

With our in-house approach, we thoroughly explore your company culture in all recruitment efforts, enabling you to equip candidates with essential information from the beginning, sparking their enthusiasm for your company.

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Testimonials from our cliens

"Collaborating with Larisa and her team from SinnRec significantly differs from other recruiting companies. SinnRec takes a holistic approach, starting from employer branding, job design, selection process, onboarding, to a successful probationary period process. They work like an excellent internal recruiting department, always with a focus on building internal competencies. The result is not only outstanding candidates but, above all, an optimized company.

Many external recruiters are very pushy in their communication. They ask few questions, show little interest in the company, and only aim to quickly fill the positions to invoice.

SinnRec integrates itself into the company and engages with the people and the culture. They behave in all aspects like in-house recruiters. Therefore, they can provide applicants with necessary information and convince them. So, it's a real long-term match instead of just a quick placement."

Martin Drees, Co-Founder & Member of the Board @medflex


"Larisa and her team supported our recruitment efforts for a couple of months last year. Onboarding was fast and efficient, she and her team were quickly able to gain traction.

We enjoyed working with SinnRec as they are not only experienced and knowledgeable about what they do but also a pleasure to work with.

Daniel Blumberg, COO @LPA - Lucht Probst Associates GmbH


"Sinrec has taken our recruiting efforts to the next level. They seamlessly integrated into our process and tools (and also accepted the very technical way we drive the recruiting process).

Of course, the additional available time in the recruiting process was very helpful.

The best part though was having Larisa in the final interviews to have a second opinion on every hiring decision. Priceless!

Tim Ruhoff, Founder & CEO @fleetster | Next Generation Mobility GmbH & Co. KG


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